Time Capsule is the ultimate networking router – review

Time Capsule is the latest networking router for 2015 Mac laptops, iPhones and  iPad

Apple Inc. always offers power packed products and add quality and value to mac customers. Apple released Airport Express network router for 2012 model products, then Airport Extreme network router  for 2013  mac products and for 2015 models they gifted Time capsule networking router.

How Time Capsule   differs from other two networking routers?

Time Capsule have a Wi-F i storage hard drive with 2 TB and 3 TB capacity  that is not present with Airport Express and Airport Extreme. 

All the three models from Apple are 100% network routers and not with modem functionality (modem connects to the internet while a router allows multiple devices to connect to each other and to the internet via an attached modem).

Time capsule Features:

  1. Maximum number of users are 50.
  2. Dual-band 802.11ac wireless
  3. Gigabit Ethernet WAN port and can  connect  to a DSL, cable modem, or Ethernet network
  4. Two USB ports for connecting a USB printer or hard drive 4
  5. Three Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports for connecting a computer, Ethernet hub, or networked printer
  6. Built-in power supply


time capsule

What Customers say about Apple Time Capsule:

As in any products reviews customers say good and bad about a product. Their reviews depend on their experiences. Their experience is their need needs and exact match of the product to their experience.  Some customers are irate about Time capsule who were already on an Airport network with their Airport extreme model router.

“This Time Capsule thing is just adding insult to injury,” argued Christopher Chang. “Please Apple, update Leopard and the AEBS [AirPort Extreme Base Station] firmware so I can do wireless backups with my MBP and AEBS. For the love of God.” Source irate over Time Capsule

The customer reviews on this product from Amazon shopping portal  Customers who are already  on Airport network routers say that time capsule price is on the higher side for the extra WiFi storage hard drive. 

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Here is the most helpful positive review and the critical review extract from Amazon shopping portal 

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Time Capsule reviews from other top review sites like Tech. Rader, Wired, CNET and Mac World.


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What ever customers say about time capsule we recommend time capsule if you want a total network solution for larger area like two large houses  adjacent to each other with secured features of Apple, the premier company.