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Apple airport express network router review

What is airport express network router? Will not off Apple routers work for Apple laptop, iPad and iPhones?

Airport express network work router is the first of its kind released by apple for 2012 model Mac, iPad and iPhones. Airport express is a multifunctional network device and not just internet access point. Airport express has three models 802.11 g and 802.11 n (1st generation) and 802.11 n (2nd generation). Airport express also works as a network printer through USB port through the entire network. Airport express is a single Wi-Fi interface to the entire network for Airplay, game console. Airport express will not offer broadband on AC power lines, over PoE or accessory antennas.Yes. You can use off apple network routers for mac products. Airport network router is just a router not a modem and you should continue with the modem cum router (often called hubs) supplied by your ISP provider for internet connection. Here you should know or already aware of that a modem connects the internet to your computer and other devices and the router connects all the computer devices at one place. One should know the network standards to differentiate and appreciate the different features of apple network router family. 


Airport express network features: The salient features of Airport express is as under

Easy setup: setting up airport express is easy and menu driven and the instructions are built-in the IOS called setup assistant. For PC users the setup  utility is downloaded and as and when you plugin the airport express you can find easily navigated instructions for the setup

Enjoy dual band 802.11n support for your  iPhone 4s that support 2.4 GHz  and iPhone 5, iPad and mac that support both 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHz wireless band

Hear to the fabulous music from your chosen artists into every room without the wire.  synchronise iTunes libraries with your iPad, iPod, Pc’s, mac and send music to any room or rooms with stereo speakers. Set different music to different rooms and make your house a powerful musical bonanza.

Keep a printer in your  room or a series of printers in different rooms and activate printing wirelessly from any of the devices. The USB port at the back of your airport express is for printer and printer is available instantly in every room.

Security is most respected by apple group. They give prime importance for security, stability and reliability. AirPort Express includes a built-in firewall that creates a barrier between your network and the Internet, protecting your data from malicious attacks. When you set up AirPort Express, the firewall is automatically turned on, so you don’t have to do a thing. Except enjoy the web with peace of mind.

Airport Express Product Reviews: The  product rating  in terms of design and ease of use is 9.0, features 5.0, support 7.0 and performance is 7.0 and overall the product rated at 7.0 by CNet. They rated the product on the positive side saying that the airport express dual band performance is good, the product is cute but not happy that the product does not support 450 Mbps Wireless-N standard, 802.11ac, or even Gigabit Ethernet. More info at CNet Reviews

Mac World  says that  all apple network router family is a pure router but not modem cum routers provided by service providers. They say that the product support 2012 model  apple mac, iPad and iPhone. They believe that among  apple network routers airport express , airport extreme and time capsule the choice is personal choice and each need. Each product they rate high-end routers. More at Mac World

Airport Express Customer Reviews:

Airport express customers from Amazon shopping rated the Apple Airport base station with 74%.

airport express

The customers at  Amazon are happy with the product and happy with the style and size of the product and they feel comfortable with the setup process. They say it takes less than 5 minute to set up the product.  Critical review on this product is out dated and the better choice is Airport extreme with  gigabit ports. Compare the other two router family products from Apple – Time Capsule and Airport Extreme before making a buying decision