Apple Watch – Detailed Review to Make a Buy Decision

Can Apple Watch replaces Apple iPhone? Can you do everything with the apple watch without iPhone paired?

The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Apple watch OS 2 have two kinds of applications online and offline. With these features the apple watch can function just like in Airplane mode until the iPhone connection restored. Apple watch can play favorite music and access photos even when you are out with iPhone up to the allowed limit of 2GB for music and 75MB for iCloud photos.You can health parameters like heart beat, various fitness ratios Even when you are away from your iPhone it sinks gift cards, boarding pass and so on. You can connect to internet with apple watch OS 2  without iPhone in a wi-fi area in a coffee club or friend’s house

But you have limitations like accessing GPS and Siri functions.  So apple watch with OS 2 model does many of the iPhone functions with exceptions. It is for the user to decide whether apple watch is a replacement to iPhone in its true sense. Apple watch is among the 5 fascinating products from apple that apple recently released.

Apple Watch Features. 

apple watchApple watch comes in two sizes.33 MM and 42 MM . The first model has Height: 38.6 mm, Width: 33.3 mm and depth Depth: 10.5 mm, where as the second model has Height: 42.0 mm, Width: 35.9 mm and Depth: 10.5 mm. In general these two apple watch models are stylish, independently  show many iPhone features without iPhone but the negative part is many key applications are missing and very costly. It also has low battery life (Just one day) according to check details at Tech. Rader.

A new feature apple call it ” See your future with Time Travel.”

With Time Travel, you can turn the Digital Crown to see what’s happening — and what’s already happened — yesterday, today, and tomorrow. You can see what the weather will be like for your lunch date in a few hours. Check your schedule for tomorrow. Or go back in time to catch up on news headlines you may have missed. A press of the Digital Crown gets you back to the current time

Send more colorful sketches.

apple watchDigital Touch lets you draw and send sketches to other Apple Watch wearers. And now you can express yourself in multiple colors on the same canvas, so you can get more creative with your digital art.

experts from apple watch OS 2

Amazon customers feel that Milanese Loop  is gorgeous compared to black plastic band. They suggest not to use Milanese loop during exercise because it will become loose  and recommend to use black strap during exercise. 

The wonderful part of this watch is the health indicators. It will constantly remind you when you over sit, over walk, over exercise and remind you to change style. More at smart way to look at health.

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