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Critical Review of – Pros and Cons review before choosing the hosting service is a hosting service provider since 2005 and running successfully till date. I am using this service from a long time and satisfies with its service. Like any other web hosting services offers hassle free hosting service with common features like shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers hosting. claims that

  • They have award-winning customer service
  • They have hassle free hosting
  • Their servers are constantly updated for both hardware and software
  • 99% Guaranteed uptime of servers
  • Their data centre is in Chicago and meets the standards in terms of  security, redundancy
  • They have backup solutions for the customers websites and all its functionalities including email back up and data base backup. Of Course they offer the backup facility for a price.
  • They have a self-explanatory c panel with all required features and easily accessible for even to new users.

They have two plans the power plan and power plus plan with some extra deserved features. If the client takes the hosting service for 5 years at the sign up the hosting will workout at $1.99 per month, which is by far cheap for shared hosting.

What Factors are more important while choosing a web hosting service or web hosting service provider

Three  major points to check while choosing a hosting service provider are 

  • After sales service
  • Uptime of the server and support
  • Reliability and popularity of the provider 

Without  proper support, physical address and land phone number accepting a service leads to chaos and confusion. Many people give high fi advertisements and boost their company and seemingly loyal and reliable but vanish after the sale. With online services booming it is very difficult to find out the credentials of any service provider. It is true even with a web hosting service providers.

When choosing a web hosting service for a critical business application, it is important to have 100% uptime of the servers where the website or blog is hosted. The data center can not give 100% server support it is not  equipped with more modern technology and talented engineers.

Verify the testimonials of the service provider thoroughly before choosing them. The litmus test is the number of companies they are providing the hosting service and the brand image of the company. If the hosting service is offering the packages below the market standards, have a watch. Do not get attracted by the fancy advertisements. hosting services credentials 

They are hosting around  over 200,000 domains worldwide! They have a support team at USA with a phone number and they offer 24 hour day and 7 days a week support.

Let us see what people talk about

As in any other website reviews there will be good and bad. It is for the buyer to decide the best platform that suits its needs. is suited at that price of $1.99 per month for a 5 year plan for small business need or individual websites with decent traffic. This plan of shared hosting with unlimited bandwidth will not work for heavy commercial or e-commerce websites. Top ten reviews  says

As with most web hosting services, WebHostingPad offers unlimited bandwidth, disk space, MySQL databases and email accounts, but you should always interpret “unlimited” with caution. Unlimited use applies to most personal websites, but if your website has an extreme amount of traffic, the web host may ask you to reduce resources or upgrade to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Its 99.9 percent uptime guarantee applies only to situations WebHostingPad can control, so any external issues or connection problems that aren’t on the web host’s end don’t apply. ( experts from )

Recently there are many complaints about company and the unprofessional behavior of the company to their old clients. you can view the complaints at yelp and consumer complaints 

To end I am been using their service since 5 years and I have no issues with them. I did not face server down time till now and I get immediate customer support through email. I also feel that they do not have a phone support and they should consider it. For a hosting service at that price of $1.99 per month one has to accept the small issues. If anyone wants really traffic related or e-commerce related issue this is not suited for them.