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3 New Apple Network Routers to Choose from – Which One You Decide?

Apple network routers – compare and decide

Apple came out with three home networking routers for their Mac, iPhone and iPad. which apple network router to choose – It is a difficult decision to take. Is it not? But once you read this article you will close and decide a product that suit your needs.

What are the three Apple router products?


Airport Express: This is a below 100 dollar product, tiny ( less than an inch tall, and weighs half a pound) and power packed.  Other features include 

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  1. can broadcast an 802.11n network and works with devices that use the a, b and g standards
  2. It works with slow and fast devices booting the speed as it supports dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 
  3. It has two 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports connecting to wide area network (WAN), cable modem and the other is a LAN connections
  4. Provide network connectivity to other devices that don’t have Wi-Fi.
  5. Network accessibility to USB printer with a USB port
  6. The digital optical audio connector with a 3.5mm cable connects an audio receiver 

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Airport Extreme: This is double the price of Airport express with features that suits the price tag. The features include



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  1. It is taller — 6.6 inches. The six-element antenna array makes it taller and used  to broadcast 802.11ac wireless network. three times faster than the 802.11n Wi-Fi networking. The speed depends on local Wi-Fi connection features and necessarily does not enhances the speed three times. That internet speed depends on  your cable modem not on your Apple AirPort device. If you use Wi-Fi to transfer files between computers locally and they use the new 802.11ac standard, you will see faster machine to machine transfer.
  2. Like in Airport Express it supports USB printers with its USB port and further it supports a USB hard drive to the device and share that on the network.
  3. There are three Ethernet ports (plus a WAN port) on the AirPort Extreme, two more than the AirPort Express, and they’re Gigabit Ethernet, up to ten times faster than the 10/100BaseT Ethernet found on the AirPort Express. The WAN connector is suitable for connecting to your cable modem or DSL modem; the other three are used to connect other hard-wired devices or other networking gear.

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  • Time Capsule:  Time capsule is similar to Airport Extreme in all respects and have all features of like 802.11ac networking, antenna array, Gigabit Ethernet connections, USB port for printer and hard drive sharing. The only extra feature is a built-in hard drive with two models with price tag of $299 (2 terabyte) version and $399 (3 TB) version.

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Automatic back up facility enable you o restore historical files going to Time machine timeline. Time machine timeline is a software Apple’s included with part of OS X since 10.5 (Leopard).

What factors decide the final  choice  of these three routers

The choice of these extremely powerful apple network routers depends on requirements of each customer. If customers have 2012 Mac models or iOS devices and wanted to connect a stereo system to the network in a small home  go for AIrport Express model routers. If  the customer is first time networking and have two big buildings to get the Wi-Fi connected Airport extreme is the right choice. These routers are good recommendation for 2013 year Mac models. Finally if you want your net work to have a safe backup for all users go for time capsule.