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Airport extreme is a higher end network router – Review

Airport extreme salient features

airport extremeAirport extreme base station is the next generation network router from apple with add-on features like 3 times faster Wi-Fi base station, powerful beam forming antenna array, identifying the network device and targeting the signal to that device. This is possible with 802.11ac technology. With 802.11ac technology the device reaches data rates of up to 1.3 Gbps 1 — three times more to 802.11n standards.

Airport extreme is 168 mm in height 19 mm width and 64% smaller than the airport express model. This device saves table space and looks elegant on the extreme

The setup navigation is easy because a setup assistant is built into IOS and into AirPort Utility for OS X.  Share your external USB drive across the network securely and make your network printers wireless. With the above leading technology features let us now look into the product reviews and customer reviews by top brand review websites.

Airport Extreme Product Reviews

The c/net says that other than the  802.11ac feature this model is same as the airport express and this model does not support time machine which is a negative point.  The over all performance is at 8.1. The review says apple lovers still love this model for its cute and small design that fits to the table top and top performance for 82.11ac enabled devices. More at c/net reviews for airport extreme

saveThe Engadget overall liking is 78% and the persons that owned it are 115 persons and people who recommend are 75.  Read more at Engadget net reviews

One of the Apple India customers says he had a big house and hunting for years  for a great network router till gets hand on airport extreme. He is happy about its performance and suited his requirements of an elegant router. Here is an extract.

I live in a house with a very long floor plan. I have struggled for years paying for the latest and greatest routers to cover entire home with no luck or at best intermittent coverage. After I bought apple TV I decided to open up the wallet and get one of these AirPort Extremes. I am glad I did! Simple to install if you follow the directions… Once up and running I have EXCELLENT wireless connection throughout the entire house! Highly recommend this product.

Amazon is a great shopping portal with extensive customer and product reviews for each product before customer takes a buy decision. Amazon customer review on Airport extreme is  not biased and detailed. Here is an extract of the review snippet below.

airport extreme

An extract from mac rumours is as under

 The teardown experts at iFixit have obtained one of the new AirPort Extreme units and have torn it apart to examine its internals. Given that the AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule have identical external designs, it should be no surprise that the AirPort Extreme contains space for a hard drive, although it appears that users will not be able to build their own Time Capsules by simply adding hard drives to their AirPort Extremes.

We free the top cover, only to find…3.5″ of empty space. While the AirPort Extreme doesn’t come equipped with storage, we dug up a standard 3.5″ SATA hard drive, just to test it out. Perfecto!…Except we can’t find any connectors where we’d plug in the hard drive, only empty spaces on the logic board—so chances of DIY AirPort Extreme to Time Capsule upgrades are slim. ( from

To end the article we recommend to evaluate all the three network router products from apple, airport express, airport extreme and time capsule, compare, evaluate individual requirements and buy the best fit.